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ZETA Infinity 8-4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Access via password – removes problem of lost keys One man test facility Disablement facility for zones & sounders Space for up to 3Ah batteries Sounder delay option 4 sounder circuits (IN4, IN6 & IN8) Sounder circuits 3 and/or 4 can be configured as Aux 24V supplies Meets all
Qiymət 346.00 AZN
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Part No 37-650 37-651 37-652 37-653 37-654
Mains Voltage 230V AC +10% / -15% @ 50/60 Hz
System Voltage 24V DC (Nominal)
Zone Voltage 21V DC (Nominal)
Sounder Alarm Output 2 x 150mA @ 24V DC 4 x 150mA @ 24V DC
Fault Relay 1 x Volt Free Relay, SELV @ 1A Max
Fault Relay 1 x Volt Free Relay, SELV @ 1A Max
Zone Capacity 32 devices per zone
Remote sounder operation Via N/O contact connected to Class Change
Sounder Activation Delay 0 to 10 minutes in 1 minute increments
Zone End of line 1N4002 Diode (Cathode Stripe to Zone +ve)
Sounder End of Line 10K resistor
Charger Voltage 27.6V
Battery cut off Battery voltage less than 20V
Battery Internal Resistance limit 0.9 ohm
Enclosure size 375 x 316 x 90 (mm)
Weight 3 kg (Excluding Batteries)
Maximum battery space 2 x 3.4 Ah, 12 Vdc sealed lead acid