Şəklin üzərinə gələrək böyüdün

* Standard cabinet-type CD, MP3 (with USB and SD card interfaces) and radio integrated playback equipment.

* Provide a combined audio source for the broadcasting system, and manually control the CD, MP3 and radio players.




* Standard cabinet-type design (1U), black alumina brushed panel, humanized drawing, exquisite craftsmanship, showing high-grade temperament.

* Built-in USB interface / SD card slot, CD movement and radio, Bluetooth four audio sources, CD player and MP3 player share one channel output, radio and Bluetooth share one channel output.

* CD uses high-end suction movement.

* The radio uses a high-sensitivity radio module; FM and AM (AM / FM) stereo two-band reception is optional, and the radio frequency memory can be stored up to 99.


* With infrared remote control function, and can independently control the volume control.